UNT Copyright Resources

The purpose of the UNT Copyright Resources site is to provide the UNT community with information about copyright law and to provide a collection of resources that will guide UNT faculty in the use of copyright protected materials in the traditional and online classrooms in accordance with U.S. law and university policy.

The site is organized into four main sections:

  • CLEAR Copyright Guide

    Know what you CAN DO when using others' work in your teaching.

  • UNT Copyright Policies

    Provides links to institutional policies that address copyright compliance and intellectual property.

  • Compliance Checklists

    Include guides and tools that help faculty make good decisions on the use of copyright protected materials.

  • Copyright Resources

    Includes web and print resources that address copyright ownership, getting permission to use copyright-protected resources, and determining if an item is protected by copyright. Also includes sample copyright notices and a model permission request letter UNT faculty and students can used to make requests of copyright holders.